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Get To Know Me!

Anya Jones (she/her) is a passionate and complex storyteller from Ashburn, VA. She began her long journey into the world of musical theatre at the young age of three when her Mom put her into dance classes after failing miserably at soccer. She immediately fell in love and has not stopped moving and grooving since. 

Over the summer of fourth grade, Anya was able to work with the MT icon herself, Debby Allen. She found herself fulfilled by the hard work, community, and being able to give back to an audience. It's safe to say that Anya knew what she wanted to do from a very young age :)

In sixth grade, Anya transferred to a private performing arts academy to study musical theatre at a higher intensity. After graduating from the Metropolitan School of the Arts, Anya began her journey at Elon University's prestigious Music Theatre program to get her BFA.

But, most importantly, Anya is human. You won't always find her in the studio or a practice room. When not in MT mode, Anya can be found working hard getting her personal trainer and nutritionist certification, drinking a Cheerwine (you have to try it), or hanging out with her corgis, Roz and Boo!

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